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The islands of the Rising Sun

Japan is a country that is famous all over the world

And at the forefront of technology in the world and its inhabitants are known for their fierce loyalty to their country and their discipline known. It has a rich and eventful history, a unique culture and friendly people. To visit Japan it is a clash of interesting modern and antique, a mix of high-rise buildings and shrines to be seen. Most of the visitors with famous places of Japan and cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and other familiar, not many people know about the beauty that in some of his lesser-known Islands, which are discussed below lies.
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A positive side effect is that it virtually untouched by tourism so that they can experience traditional in their natural state


The island has a volcanic cone that mumbles a few kilometers from the center of the nearby town of Kagoshima away. The cone of the volcano is constantly sending thick columns of smoke into the sky. The island is a great place for hot springs (onsen, or whatever you call it).

Okinawa - Honto:

Okinawa Main Iceland was once the center of Ryuku Kingdom, and its inhabitants are still very proud of their heritage Ryuku. The interesting thing is that the American and Japanese cultures seem to compete here. The island still feels much as occupied territory, especially in the central area of ​​the island where the American bases, and the cities are very typical of what you find in the United States with their different drive-in, and shopping centers.

The Kerama Islands:

There is a group of 22 islands, south-west is (32 km) from Okinawa. Four of these islands are inhabited, Tokashiki, Zamami, Aka and Islands Geruma. These provide the best beaches in Okinawa. Diving is also a great experience. If you want peace, peace and quiet, this is the place for you.


This picturesque island is just 13 km north of Takamatsu has 3 designed Tadao Ando, ​​galleries and many major exhibitions of art and sculptures from a wide range of Japanese and international talent. Main place Miyanoura has a bathhouse surprising. The area is protected with beautiful southern Gotanji beaches, home to a spectacular view of the inland sea are dotted. Naoshima your blissful escape from the hustle and bustle of big cities.


Located about 20 kilometers west of Ishigaki, is to get wild as any place in Japan this island. Approximately 90% of this place is unexplored. This makes for a very nice place to visit. The inside is protected Iriomote National Park covered with dense rainforest subtropical part. And "the home of one of the rarest species in the world, the Yamaneko - a feline creature of the night, the waters surrounding the island are teeming with wild fauna and coral reefs home to a diverse collection of marine life, the island is the place for adventurers and offers plenty of opportunities for diving, kayaking, snorkeling and hiking.

When In Kuala Lumpur

If you for a holiday you visit a place, there are some spots / activities in this particular place, you have to see. Leaving without seeing these places is almost a sin, for instance, if a person is going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower, you would blame this person. Likewise, if someone go to Rome and not seeing the Coliseum, his journey would be a rather incomplete. On a similar note, when visiting the capital city of Malaysia, there are some things that you need to see absolutely.

The Petronas Towers

A landmark of Malaysia, Petronas Twin Towers definitely worth a visit for any traveler first time in the capital. The two towers were built in 1998 and are elegantly structures stand tall 88 floors. They are connected by a double-decker Sky Bridge, which offers stunning views of the downtown Kuala Lumpur and beyond. The Suria KLCC, which is located at the foot of the towers is a mega mall, all kinds of brands, a cinema, two food courts, an art gallery, several restaurants, a concert hall, and the houses massive Aquaria KLCC. Nearby is the KLCC Park, the large, well-built green space that you can walk. We recommend that you early in the morning to visit, especially if you want to gain access to the sky bridge.

Menara KL Tower

Located at the tip of the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, the Menara KL Tower is a 421 meters high. It is an important landmark of the city and offers breathtaking views of the city. The observation deck is located 100 meters above the Petronas Tower and so if you want to see the city in all its glory visit this tower. If you arrive early, you can even get free tickets to the observation deck.


Almost every country seems to have a Chinatown; But few are as authentic and realistic as that of Kuala Lumpur. The bustling Chinatown is a popular place for those who love to bargain. And "apparently he never sleeps, it is deeply immersed one of the most popular tourist attractions in Malaysia in Eastern culture, heritage and history, which makes it certainly can be all sorts of things here from imitation goods to Chinese herbs;.. It is a tribute to the multicultural background of Malaysia.

Batu Caves

The hotel is 11 kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur, the famous Batu Caves. At 400 million years old limestone hill, it has a centuries-old temple in her. And "in the center of the Hindu festival of Thaipusam. This colorful spectacle attracts thousands of people. And" a must.

Daytona Beach - the ultimate holiday destination!

For hours on a number of sandy beaches, which is to stretch along the green blue waters of the Atlantic coast of Florida is an absolute delight for lovers of the sea. Daytona Beach United States is just the perfect place for those who want to make the most fun with the family and friends. It offers a wealth of experience of eco-friendly and comfortable for the tourists, who are exceptionally good. Surfing, Mini Golf, Daytona 500 Experience, lighthouse, beach shops, the discoveries of marine research, fishing, kayaking, children's museum, parasailing add all the fun to your vacation. Take your bags and get ready for the full float to enjoy strolling in Daytona Beach.

Where is it?

Daytona Beach is located on the northern tip of the eastern central coast of Florida in the United States. Of significant place called Orlando, this city is only 54 miles away and almost an hour's drive from most Amusement Theme incredible places in this area. Miami and Jacksonville are only 242 and 86 miles away, each of these extraordinary beauty of the city. Daytona International Airport offers its people and all the visitors who for more than a hundred and fifty destinations around the globe.It fly also an important city of the Fun Coast of Florida hosts about 0.5 million people.

Daytona is the perfect holiday!

Daytona is a unique destination and iconic world for beach fun and entertainment with its activities and incomparable beach resorts, hotels and much more. The waterfront, cultural centers, pillars and luscious delicacies to make your vacation perfect and unforgettable. With surfing, shelling, swimming and other sports adventurous sea everyone in your family to enjoy the best, and the. Also in the way they that 23 miles of shoreline preferred The resort is part of the budget of all kinds of people around the world and the accommodation has to suit every lifestyle. You can also indulge in shopping, while exploring several events in developing countries.

Go for an ocean safari!

Visit. The entire city of Daytona Beach on the streets of this place in a double-decker bus The famous water Safari takes visitors to the point, the Ocean Safari starts with a huge red bus. The experience begins with the fishing boats and eco-tour guides would catch marine animals, provide you with first-hand experience, so you can touch them. While enjoying crab traps, you can also look for sand dollars, if you're lucky. This safari Sea include beverages, light meals, such as pizza, visit the entrance Marine Science Center and Lighthouse.

Visit this destination ultimate fun during the month of March, as this is the time when the beach itself, and decorates embarks on recreational activities such as surfing competitions, bonfire parties, concerts, and many more. This place holds a higher position, when it comes to concerts, alcohol wild parties, bikini clad people and beach competitions. The ability to explore all the fun of Daytona Beach and make a choice to with family and friends to visit this city do not miss.

5 Adventure Sports to packages with India Tour Try

India has always been a popular destination among world travelers. 

Whether its culture, festivals, cuisine or its historic monuments, has this country has always been a source of fascination and pleasure for travelers. Awarded Indian country with the high peaks, gushing rivers, lush valleys, deserts and golden sparkling coast, making it an ideal place for adventure sports. Be it a part or region of the country, tourists can venture an order to quench their thirst for some adrenaline rush.

Below are some adventure sports which have become an important part of various packages of India.

Mountain Biking

Topography of India has always inspired travelers and there is now a new way to explore the country. Mountain biking is a sport driving specially developed heavy bikes in the area. Can it sound dangerous, but the bike does not necessarily involve risks. The nation has a huge mountainous terrain, which makes it ideal for the task. The north and northeast of India has a perfect location for the adventurous to try this sport, and all India tour packages often include mountain biking in their itinerary. While various tours are organized in the areas of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, tourists can also choose to explore the beauty of the northeastern states with these tours.


Trekking is one of the most popular activities and recreation, examined by the travelers, the mountainous area of ​​India for a longer period. A large number of hiking excursions are available in different parts of India. Some of the most difficult tour with this activity will be organized in the states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Travelers who are looking for easy walks or more looking, various excursions that take place in the Western Ghats. India tour packages often include several trips during the day and night near the city of Bangalore. With these tours, tourists can the sport without enjoying himself too far from the comforts and luxuries of the modern world.


In the recent past, the glider has won a lot of attention of adventurers. It is a recreational sport, the participants sit in a harness and fly wing complex includes. After its introduction in the late 1980s, the sport has gradually gained significant popularity among adventurers over the years. The state of Himachal Pradesh has connected to a known location for the organization of several events with this activity, and attracts participants from across the country. With all India tour packages, you can also enjoy this activity while you explore the charm of the other states like Maharashtra and Uttarakhand.

Mountain climbing

The northern region of India is home to some of the highest mountains in the world, provides a great place for tourists to try the sport available. Various India tour packages allow tourists to climb some of the most difficult peaks in the world to install. A wide range of climbing tours offer excursions that are. For your skills of climbers with different abilities If you are an experienced hiker or a person who is trying the sport for the first time, these tours offer something for everyone.


Tourists who watersports pleasure can satisfy their desires at the sites in India. The country has thousands of kilometers of coastline allows locals and tourists to indulge in water sports. Therefore, snorkeling, water skiing, surfing and fishing, diving is also an important part of all India tour packages to be. The sport has also became famous because it allows the participants, the wildlife and coral aquatic ecosystems, keep without breath too long to explore. While the tourists to go to Pondicherry and Goa to enjoy the sport without the continent, it can also be enjoyed on the islands of Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Best Adventure Travel for 2015

The Best Adventure Holiday for 2015

If you just love the one who adventure the thrill of exploring new places and make the most of these destinations, then we have the perfect solution. Then this list is for those who dare, thinks he's a devil. Well, here's a list that frightened the boldest and makes excited.

To visit these places to experience interesting adventurous adventure you've always wanted.

1. Avoriaz, France

Mountain biking trails in Avoriaz is tremendously large-scale sport that you can enjoy here. The destination offers the best routes and the best trainers in the companies that make a bikers from you. So let your inner fears left behind, as you try these fun-filled ride through the rough roads and only the bike on its side.

2. Sailing, Cape Horn, Chile

When it comes to sailing anything we can think of is the crystal clear sea and sunny, well, that can not be a case here; by stormy seas in the ocean waves, the whole experience is sure to teach some things. The navigation in the region is to take the deepest fears and riding the ocean. To book a boat and learn the art of sailing in the beautiful waters.

3. Ice Marathon, Antarctica

Looking for a cool experience, well, we have a game for you. The marathon of ice in Antarctica is a real thing, and it is a marathon of ice, yes; That's right, a marathon that takes place on the beds of ice of Antarctica. The competition sees many tourists throughout the year thanks to its unique attractions and daring. So a part of this unique experience and innovative look and Antarctica in a way like never before.

4. Swimming, Sporades, Greece

If all you need is your bathing suit and a heart of a lion, and that is to make a visit. Take a dip in the crystal clear waters of the region and explore the waters like never before. The destination offers a unique chance to actually swim in the clear waters with the sun on his head and waving at the sides.

5. Mount Baker, Washington, USA

Climbing Mount Baker is not an easy task, and it is an adventure that even the most famous walkers would recall memories. The aim is ideal for exploring, and the main activity is the mountain you do every year rise with increasing insignia travelers. So pack the hiking gear and be ready for the trip of a lifetime!

6. Climbing, Yangshuo, China

Climbing is an experience that needs to do in life every adventurer. Yangshuo, China has some of the best arenas and climb the summit, which can be enjoyed. The destination is known as the adventure capital of China and is a paradise for adventurers. Activities of climbing is popular because of the natural topography of the region in the county. There are many places where you can enjoy nature and climbing.

7. whitewater rafting, Mosquito Coast, Honduras

Bubbling water, pumping adrenaline and only your raft, to save you from the stress of water is what rafting is all there is. The journey is one of the best experiences when it comes to adventure sports. Give the sport a try and you are guaranteed a memory you never forget.

8. Expedition Amazon

Explore the Amazon rainforest is one of these trips, which is every traveler should hungry for adventure. With picturesque landscapes and breathtaking destination is sure to attract your attention. But what makes this destination an ideal place for adventure is the flora and fauna of the region and also the fact that there are many areas that have not been studied.

Top 5 Cheapest holiday of the year

The decision to go on holiday means that you

To destroy your budget. In fact, 2015 is cheap with destinations that someone charged have been thrilled. Singles, couples and families will enjoy under any number of these trips and memories that make a lifetime without breaking all their banks.

Consider a trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This beautiful city is located in the heart of Southeast Asia and is full of enthusiasm. The city has many skyscrapers as some other Asian cities is so much fun happening on the streets. Ringing in the Roller to the charm of the waterfront Tonle Sap, there is always something to do, you can also visit French colonial villas built.

The city of Phnom Penh has a lot to that offer on holiday

And you can get them all for a great low price worthy experience. Book your trip in advance will help you protect the best rates and packages available.

If you want to plan your vacation during the month of February, you think to go to Lima, Peru. If you like art and history, this is the place for you. The area is full with a mixture of the two facilities and modern buildings and old. This trip is an unforgettable experience, and is also easy on your wallet.

Opt for an all-inclusive package and all the fun you have a price, the prepaid you will save a lot of money want. Visit the City of Kings or the Museum of Electricity whimsy. If you are lounging in the water, sit on the beach and enjoy a cocktail Barranco. Do not worry if you have purchased an all-inclusive vacation package, you will find all you want to drink alcoholic beverages.

If you are looking for a holiday without children with the one you love, or maybe just a group of friends, New Orleans, United States of America is the trip for you. You want your trip in March to book during the celebration of Carnival. New Orleans is the place for tourists who enjoy a good party every night of the week. Surprisingly, it is not very expensive to visit this beautiful city French inspiration.

New Orleans is a great holiday destination in 2015 cheap and you will feel full with the bag stuffed with beads and charms that go throw visitors People Love Parade. Nosh on some of the best gumbo in the world and enjoy the intense nightlife. You want to book in advance for this trip to get the best rates.

When food plays an important role when you decide to go on vacation, you're thinking of heading to Tbilisi, GA United States. It is a journey that will definitely want an all-inclusive, you can eat to your heart's desire to plan. The city was named as a "gourmet paradise" as generous portions of meat dumplings and pizza are served to patrons burst.

Your holiday will be a hit in 2015 in this position, but you could start at the waist with a few extra inches. The city itself was built in recent years, again 29 and comprises the core of the medieval era. For a cheap holiday package price you can so you can do to be kings or author in Regina for a week or two. Do not forget to relax in the steam of the famous Spa while you're there.

Finally, consider spending July in Budapest, Hungary. You can have a really great time during. On a budget in this city The hotel prices are amazing and most of your transport is carried out on foot from place to place in the city. You can also buy an ancient relic communist antique shops to buy cheap and take them home.

Searching for a holiday destination in 2015, which is affordable easily done it by for a tour operator confidence. If you have an expert at your side, you will be the trip of your dreams at a price that you can afford in any case.

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