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Asia - A Short Tourist Guide

A Short Tourist Guide to Asia

Asia is full of many exciting countries that it is quite difficult to decide which makes visiting. Here's a list of some of the top Asian destinations for tourists. Visit :

Top List Most Popular Destinations in Asia

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Many tourists prefer to stay and explore the beautiful capital of Thailand north of Bangkok, which has a very hectic lifestyle. You will find concentrated the most tourists in the center of Chiang Mai, and we encounter smiling monks in orange robes. Every year over one million tourists came to Chiang Mai, famous for its cultural festivals, night markets expansive, several temples and the possibility to undergo trekking in the mountains.


Budgets would find Singapore a little too expensive, but this small town is modern and green. Well worth a visit because of the food, the presents and massive shopping malls. Although more expensive than its neighboring country Malaysia, you will find it fun. Chinese and Indian culture make the city alive, and the locals to communicate in good English. They may have lived for a long time in Singapore, but still many unseen places and food joints that are not mentioned in any manual.

Malaysia Borneo

Malaysia Borneo has two states, one of which belongs to Sabah. This really is a natural paradise with a lot of rainforest, orangutans rare and interesting local culture. And 'well it is connected to Kuala Lumpur, and the prices are very low.

Sabah offers a perfect blend of wild and urban. The capital Kota Kinabalu, is popular at very reasonable prices with tourists for its soaring Mount Kinabalu and the fish. You can shop around, enjoy the seafood to your heart's content, and go to the East Sabah and offers many opportunities to experience the wildest part of Southeast Asia.

Islands of Thailand

Although some of the islands are too small to be detected on the map, you will find them to be the most beautiful islands of the world. Imagine the blue waters and white sand, diving at very reasonable prices, great nightlife, all this and more at lower prices than an expedition to Hawaii.

Beijing, China

You can love or hate this dirty Chinese city and crowded, but it's terribly interesting. Beijing, the heart of China, has amazing World Heritage by UNESCO, including the Forbidden City and the Great Wall, making it a worthwhile endeavor to drive through this highly urbanized city. Rather than a faulty Beijing, stay here long enough to become part of it, and you get the employees to drive through his hard work, but full of streets activity.

Bali, Indonesia

The volcanic background and beautiful beaches make Bali a magical place. Once a popular spot for surfers and honeymooners, in the present, is one of the most popular destinations in Asia. The connoisseurs head for Kuta Beach, a quiet place, it leads to the culture of Bali. Experience the thrill of climbing a volcano in his region Kintamani. Hindu culture and warm atmosphere with beautiful beaches and stunning scenery attracts maximum number of tourists in Bali, making it the most visited island of Indonesia.

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